Feldermelder & Bit-Tuner

  • 26. 04. 2014,


Feldermelder live & Bit-Tuner live


The second live album from Bit-Tuner, «The Japan Syndrome», is being released as special edition 12“ vinyl. After a successful digital release in late 2013, Hula Honeys is teaming up with Berenice Recordings to bring you this special edition live album by Bit-Tuner. Recorded at Zurich's Helsinki...

Tekkno4Life w/NHK'Koyxen

Another night of madness? Yes, please. 

Tekkno4Life returns to one of the city's last true skool rave dungeons with a lineup that stands for open minded electronic music - going from the acid driven machine funk of NHK'Koyxen to the dub influenced distorted techno of Gibraltar Vacuum. These two live acts will be joined by the DJs Tekamolo and Dave Eleanor, as well as the honey's Ink!. The beast isn't dead yet.

Link: Event page

Nik! has gone hunting the kick drums. [mix, 2014]

It's been quite a long time since Nik! recorded his last studio mix. Finally, he's recorded an hour-long blend of flying kick drums and snares, all wrenched through a proper portion of distortion and delay. Rolling out somewhere between 120 and 130 bpm, this mix keeps an eye on the dancefloor, and cherishes the dungeons within. It's about looking around corners, opening letters that aren't addressed to you and letting loose over flying sounds.

Full article + tracklist:  news article

Simon Wannaz wins "Best Swiss Music Video" for Buvette - Airplane Friendship

Congratulations to Simon Wannaz! He won the jury's award "Best Swiss Music Video" presented by m4music Festival and Solothurner Filmtage.

We remember this moment very well. It was almost a year ago when Buvette sent us the link to the final version of Simon Wannaz' music video for his song [hon10] Airplane Friendship . It was an istant trip to another world, a thoughtful journy brought to life in beautifully shot and composed images.

Simon had recruited a team of a thounsand helpers to create this video and they had worked for free for days - believing in the vision of the director. Only a couple of hours after uploading the video on Vimeo, it was selected as "Vimeo Staff Pick", which brought the video and the song nearly 80'000 views in a couple of days. And now, it wins the jury prize for "Best Swiss Music Video" by m4music Festival and Solothurner Filmtage. With his film,  Simon Wannaz brilliantly mirrors the particular atmosphere of the music with odd and retro aesthetics. The cinematography supports the melancholic and mysterious mood that was already set up by the characters. Regarding the rhythm and style, Airplane Friendship could be considered as a short movie as much as a music video.

Once more: congrats, Simon! You've created a wonderful clip to a beautiful dream-pop song!


mx3 / m4music voting
m4music news article
making of pictures: airplanefriendship.tumblr.com/
Simon Wannaz Portfolio  
Full credits: News Article

Bit-Tuner: The Japan Syndrome Release

On March 26th 2014, Bit-Tuner's second live album «The Japan Syndrome» will be released as 12“ vinyl. After a successful digital release in late 2013, Hula Honeys is teaming up with Berenice Recordings to bring you this special edition live album.

Recorded at Zurich's Helsinki Klub, «The Japan Syndrome» is a fragmentary snap shot, a rampant audio(visual) trip through Japan's largest cities, that Bit-Tuner visited in spring 2013. He captures these cities via field recordings to then transform the found sound into his characteristic dark beats and minimalistic sounds.

«The Japan Syndrome - Vinyl Edition» is a coproduction between Hula Honeys and Berenice Recordings . The record will be available via our Bandcamp store , and in the shop your choice.

IOKOI: Silence

Live video from IOKOI's concert at Esse Winterthur during the 4. Radio Stadtfilter Klavierwoche.

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FELDERMELDER: 3 Yards of Warmth

With Feldermelder’s „3 Yards of Warmth“, a new journey through the Hulaverse begins in January 2014.

The entry gates to Feldermelder’s wonderfully warm and lively world are passed through driving, bouncing, distorted but still absolutely clear sounds. Feldermelder carefully creates a teetering whole out of squeking instruments, happily distorted melodies and clacking beats. Like toys that awake to life at night. Cranking, sluggish, interlooped ups and downs, layers of enchanting melodies: „3 Yards of Warmth“ pulls the listener deeper and deeper into a heavily breathing green and blue music land.

hon13 is coming soon - the details will be announced shortly!

Grab yourself a bag of sunshine!

We've spent hours in research and development to come up with a ground breaking idea. The Hula Honeys Sunshine Bag!

The Hula Honeys Sunshine Bag is a strictly limited, hand printed series of 40 pieces. There are five different flavours on the front side, while the back sides are printed individually  - every Sunshine Bag is an original!

After some time of testing, these are the key features of the Sunshine Bag:

  • It is not waterproof. Still, it's ideal to take to the beach, 'cause any towel will fit.
  • The strap is adjustable in it's length to fit any person's size.
  • It's made to transport small necessities: sun glasses, research papers or grill goods.
  • The Sunshine Bag is sealable by a singular Velcro® strip at the top end of the bag.
  • It's a hand printed, DIY kinda thing. It'll grow larger with usage, even if the prints aren't made for eternity.
  • The colorful, stylish print is ideal to impress your stalker. No matter what's inside the bag.
  • There's a whole lot of love in every single Sunshine Bag.

Read the full story / get yourself a bag of sunshine!

hon12 - IOKOI - Growing Young - ready

It's been quite a ride with this lovely 7-inch. Having been doing what we do, it was only a question of time until this would happen - and it has happened.

We've just released our 12th release, coming from Zurich and Milano based singer and composer IOKOI , and it just happened to turn out to be just about the most elaborate release to date. The single "Growing Young" comes on transparent vinyl with an "inside out" cut on the flip side. The folder cover is placed in a hand sewn, screen printed fabric packaging - from Nonna with Koi.

Be sure to get your copy of this little beauty:

Right now, it's physically available via our Bandcamp Store , and it'll be in shops all over quite soon. Also, you can download the digital release (incase you prefer files only) on our Bandcamp Store , Beatport , iTunes or mighty Amazon .

_DSC05727.JPG _DSC05742.JPG _DSC05737.JPG _DSC05745.JPG _DSC05747.JPG _DSC05760.JPG _DSC05762.JPG _DSC05734.JPG _DSC05737.JPG

Hula Honeys on Beatport

[cheese-mode on] Hula Honeys stands for LOVE - love of music, love of sound, time and space. We put our time and effort in making things happen, supporting musicians, produces and djs to get their ideas out to the public. We love and collect vinyl and believe in the power of the black gold. But we also believe in the power of the music itself - that's why we try to get our releases out there - to you - wherever you are. [cheese-mode off]

Hula Honeys Releases are now available via Beatport - find our releases here: http://www.beatport.com/label/hula-honeys/

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