Francis Juno - Record Release

  • 20. 11. 2015,


FRANCIS JUNO - TOMORROW'S NOSTALGIA - RECORD RELEASE ---------- // ---------- live: FRANCIS JUNO ---------- DJs Echo106 // Daniele Cosmo // Ink! ---------- // ---------- FRI 20.11.2015 ---------- klubi, Zürich

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Celebrating Francis Juno on Nov. 20, 2015.

TOMORROW'S NOSTALGIA Record release show at Klubi Zurich

We're super happy to announce the release show of our 18th physical release - "Tomorrow's Nostalgia" coming from Francis Juno of Echo 106. The night will - obviously - be headlined by Francis Juno's live set, support is coming from Lux Rec. labelboss Daniele Cosmo, Echo 106 (dj-set) and Ink!. Join us!

Welcome to the Hulaverse: Francis Juno

We are very happy to announce that Francis Juno has entered the Hulaverse. His sounds are of a distinct kind: they tell stories of timelessness and leisure, of distant memories, narratives from the subconsciousness and remind of some motif one cannot name...

Clearly, they come as an invitation to immerse into sound. The music feels comfortable on your home stereo, and just might also work on a club PA on an early Sunday afternoon. Unsophisticated, with no urging push to the dancefloor - but a distinct drive to tap one’s foot. Charming, catchy, almost naïve at first glance, Francis Juno’s tracks reveal a mesmerizing complexity over time.

Bruno Schnüriger, better known for his part in dark Swiss electronic duo Echo 106, channels his softer, melodic output through Francis Juno.

The full length album "Tomorrow's Nostalgia" will be released in November 2015.

News from the pressing plant. Simon Berz: Cut Out

Every now and then you have to go step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. This is what we set out to do when we decided to go ahead on one of those crazy ideas - to put out a double 7" record with 50 loops in spring. The production / cutting process of this record has turned out to be _not quite as easy_ as we had wished - additionally, we're being slowed down massively by a never ending run for the black gold over at the pressing plant of our choice. Appearantly, we're not the only ones waiting.

To put things short: The record is on it's way. To everyone who's already bought it at the performance at Walcheturm: Thank you so much for your patience. You'll definitely receive your records. It just might be a bit colder by the time they're in your mailbox.

Feldermelder X Supermafia: Alcove

Feldermelder teamed up with Supermafia VJs to create site specific audiovisual intallations. Their first mutual work - Alcove - was presented at a week-long pop up art show in Neuchâtel.

ALCOVE presented an array of LED lights behind a former store window, the viewer stood outside - isolated from the einvironment through a wireless headphones and seperated from the piece through the glass window. The window worked as separation, and sometimes as a mirror, inserting the viewer into the art piece.

Coming Soon: Simon Berz - Cut Out

It's been a little while since our last physical release - all the more we're very happy to announce the next release on Hula Honeys Records: Simon Berz - half of insanity driven duo FELL will be presenting a solo release in early June 2015.

Anyone who has seen Simon Berz perform knows  that he is not your usual drummer from the block. He has been experimenting with his drum kit - modulating it with microphones, speakers and effects. The drum kit has grown into the so-called "Rocking Desk" - and is nothing less than an extended and hybrid instrument that can stir up the dirt.
With his Rocking Desk, Simon Berz crosses the border between analogue and electronic music. He is still the drummer, but he can not only play snare drums, rim shots or rides, but also make them scream and squeak in tone through the contact microphones placed on the drums.

The forthcoming release "Cut Out" comes on a double 7" record with a recording of a solo drum song by Simon Berz, a remix by Toktek and 2 x 25 loops that invite DJs and musicians to explore the sounds of the Rocking Desk further.

Artist Profile Simon Berz

Bit-Tuner nominated for Swiss Music Prize

The Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs announced the nominees for the Swiss Music Prize 2015.  Bit-Tuner is among the 15 candidates, along with Joke Lanz, Bruno Spoerri, Oy and Nik Bärtsch, among others.

The seven jury members selected 15 nominees representing a wide scope of the Swiss music scene out of a pre-selection of approximately 50 musicians that were presented by an independant expert group. The nominees come from the Jazz, Classical, Folk Music, Experimental or Electronic scenes. In the words of the Jury, they "influence the Swiss music scene from the edges and intersections of genres with their dedication for an open-minded approach".


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Sold out: Feldermelder - 3 Yards of Warmth

This one went really fast! The postcard of Feldermelder 's "3 Yards of Warmth" is sold out at our bandcamp store , there might be one or two copies left at Zurich's oOR record store . The webshop isn't ready yet - so you'll have to call them to find out: + 41 44 542 32 80

hon16_tapes-1.jpg hon16_tapes-2.jpg

Free Download: ASIC - Pentaprism EP

The third release on Hula Bytes comes from ASIC . The [hub03] Pentaprism EP explores the in-betweens of Electronica, Techno, Glo-Fi and Poststep with an architectural approach. The digital EP comes as free download (licensed under Creative Commons, BY-NC-SA) and as "Laser Cuttable".

Coming from his year-long performing routine, ASIC has recorded two EPs that are being released via Hula Honeys and sub_perversion simultaneously. While the TAPA EP on explores the deeper Poststep influences, the [hub03] Pentaprism EP on Hula Honeys opens the musical spectrum towards Glitch-Hop, Techno and Bass.

The tracks of the TAPA EP and the PENTAPRISM EP are rooted in live sessions. ASIC moves through soft, harsh or wild city scapes that are ever evolving, temptingly rough and delicate at the same time. A night time walk with this city’s soundtrack is a journey full of surprises and twists. While skyline is of mere architectural beauty, the surfaces are full of mechanical decay and organic growth. Moody sounds can be lurking behind every corner.

Both releases are available as digital downloads. They are accompanied by PDF-Files that can be laser cutted on arbitrary material, similar to a vinyl record. The necessary script was developed and written by Amanda Ghassaei . Both the music and the script are licensed under Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA).

The release is available as free download on the release page .

"Lisboa / Skagaströnd" by Jen Reimer + Max Stein out now:

The 16th release on Hula Honeys has been cooking up for quite a while. Finally, we're happy to release Jen Reimer + Max Stein 's "Lisboa / Skagaströnd" on tape and as digital download. The tape edition is limited to 100 copies and can be ordered via our Bandcamp store .

Jen Reimer (CAN) and Max Stein (USA) share a fascination with reverberant spaces. Drawing inspiration from the hidden harmonies and secret rhythms present in urban sound enviroments, they create immersive multichannel sound works for processed horn and field recordings: conceived, composed, performed and recorded in the spaces themselves.
This release features two performances in resonant, yet very different locations. "Lisboa" was recorded in the former cistern Mãe D’Áqua, an architectural cathedral for water and it's sounds. In "Skagaströnd", Jen Reimer + Max Stein take their listeners into the inside of an old chimney in Iceland, and slowly reveal it's glistening, fulminating wavy sound. Both works make the entanglement of sound and space tangible for those who let themselves glide into the recordings.
The tape version comes with a riso-printed poster by Hraïr Hratchian and a download code.


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