These tiny little chips, Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, that ASIC lends his name from can be understood as miniature city maps. The inner eye sees a city scape that has to be named "Electronica". Listening to ASIC's music, one enters urban canyons called "Bass", "Beat", "Poststep", "Trip Hop", "Glo-Fi" and "Techno".

ASIC explored guitars and samplers in his early years, but mainly works with software, synthesizers, patches and field recordings today. His repertory and musical approach has grown in manifold ways since his last release, the "Comic EP" on Little Big Recordings as Michaelmusic. But already then a wide musical interest could be read between the lines. Today, the openness that feeds out of the in-betweens has come to the fore.

To be able to build and manipulate his tracks as openly and spontaneously as possibly, ASIC plays on a live setup that gives him space and flexibility to manipulate and molder the sounds. Thus, it's hard to anticipate the musical journey he will take you on. What happens on the way leads to new paths that are explored. Following these leads, ASIC creates his music out of the moment.

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