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Bear the Eagle

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Bear the Eagle is the solo-project of Zurich based producer, DJ, promoter and label worker Nicholas Schaerer.

It brings together the weight of heavily dubbed basslines and the lightness of flying sounds and crackles - drawing them out of the remains of both HipHop and Electronica. Layered synthesizers, beat patterns and recordings add up to a wide open, still dense soundspace.
After having spent years on national and international stages as a DJ (Nik!, The Dean Soniks) and as live-duo (Shares), pushing the boundaries of the dancefloors further, Bear the Eagle takes another angle and focusses on the inbetweens.

Live Dates:

May 25th, 2014: Kornhaus Festival, Zurich
Dec 13th, 2013: Südpol, Luzern w/ Rumpistol
Aug 25th, 2013: Les Digitales Festival, Zurich
Aug 24th, 2013: Les Digitales Festival, Luzern
Oct 30th, 2012: Bad Bonn, Düdingen - w/ Laurel Halo
Aug 31st, 2012: Les Digitales Festival, Lugano Paradiso