Francis Juno

The sounds of Francis Juno are of a distinct kind: they tell stories of timelessness and leisure, of distant memories, narratives from the subconsciousness and remind of some motif one cannot name...

Clearly, they come as an invitation to immerse into sound. The music feels comfortable on your home stereo, and just might also work on a club PA on an early Sunday afternoon. Unsophisticated, with no urging push to the dancefloor - but a distinct drive to tap one’s foot. Charming, catchy, almost naïve at first glance, Francis Juno’s tracks reveal a mesmerizing complexity over time.

Bruno Schnüriger, better known for his part in dark Swiss electronic duo Echo 106, channels his softer, melodic output through Francis Juno.

The full length album "Tomorrow's Nostalgia" will be released in November 2015.