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Hepp is a master of understatement – but be aware: once his music unfolds, it will tuck you in an take you on a journey to the deepest canyons of electronica.

Daniel Hepp has been living and working in Zurich, Switzerland, since 1999. Before, he had made his first musical experiences as the drummer of a long forgotten rock band.
Between 1999 and 2010, Hepp was on the road regularly as a DJ in clubs all over the country (Dachkantine, Bogen 13, Zukunft, Birchermüsli, Rohstofflager, Palace St.Gallen, Usine Geneva, Kiff Aarau, among others). In his sets, he skillfully combined electronic music of various shades.
Since 2008, Hepp has been focusing on his solo project in which he carries on the philosophy of his sets. Influenced by the early electronic music from the U.K. (Warp, Rephlex, and others), he picks up these aesthetics and combines them with accoustic elements and field recordings, polyrhythmic drum patterns meet drifting bass lines and synthesizer figures. In his music, Hepp developes the Swiss Electronica further with an independant blueprint.


'Cool, like something out of warp records in the 90's. Vintage Computer dance music.'
- Carlos Giffoni

'Hepp needs a girl with many nipples to twist, just like his controls.'
- anonymous dancing girl

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