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Ink! is when the sparks of electronic music trigger unforeseen chain reactions, when astral beats transform into their physical bodies and when the music melts into a raw mass of pushing sounds that find their way into the sweating body. Being a descendant of the Hardcore Continuum, Ink! has long crossed the borders to the land where only music is left, where origin and heritage become shared goods. With a mind set made up of nothing more than the basic ingredients needed to get lost in music, this DJ stirs up sets that travel from one outpost of the Hulaverse to another – making things visible, eyes shut, true school rave.


dinky darkness & twisted sunshine

DJ & producer Nik! has been causing disturbance with his sets, sounds and events for years. As one half of the DJ-tag-team The Dean Soniks (w/ Soult), as promoter, as a co-founder of the label Hula Honeys or as solo-DJ: his activities are always about the connections between related music and styles, about music between tradition and innovation, about heavy basslines and hymns.

He is known for sets that oscillate between styles - bring things together - opening windows to musical dawn, or doom. His Releases and Remixes on Hula Honeys and Quiet Records develop their grooves based on Dub, HipHop and Electronica.

Nik! has shared the stages of clubs and festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China Hungary and Latvia with names like Mouse on Mars, Laurel Halo, The Gaslamp Killer, Andy Stott, DMX Krew, NHK'Koyxen, Addison Groove, Donna Summer, Dimlite, Funckarma, Cylob, Ceephax, Wisp, Karl Marx Stadt or Otto von Schirach.

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