Random Bit Generator

As the inventor of Dubber, this guy likes to mix things up - in this case Dub and Gabber.

There's a wild and speedy track released on Alphacute Records a while back that layed out the map. For Fantasy is Dubbed, a Hula Honeys and Quiet Rec. co-operation, Random Bit Generator remixed a track by Göldin & Bit-Tuner feat. Bleubird, turning the original HipHop track into a spaced out dubboys version.
On the first Hula Honeys release, RBG contributed the first honey's track ever: in fact, "El Barrio Contra Mi" was the initial spark of this mission.

When RBG leaves his electronic equipment behind, he sits at the drums of the Stoner Rock band Joules. And as a lover of the good old Dub and Reggae tunes, he is also the selector of the Reggae Riot Soundsystem.

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