Shops & Mailorders

Hula Honeys Bandcamp Store
Plattfon - Shop & Mailorder, Basel (CH)
Jamarico - Shop, Zurich (CH)
Hum Records - Shop & Mailorder, Zurich (CH)
Rec Rec - Shop, Zurich (CH)
Toolbox - Mailorder & Distribution (FR)
Musicam - Mailorder (FR)
Juno Records - Mailorder (UK)
Sozialistischer Plattenbau - Mailorder & Label (D)
Suburban Trash - Mailorder & Distribution (D)
Minor - Mailorder (D)
HHV - Mailorder (D)


Quiet Records - Beats, Guitars, DIY
Mism Records - Beats & Rhymes
Luana Records - Electronica, Leftfield, Abstract
Creaked Records - Electronica, Pop and the inbetweens
Spezialmaterial - home of Hard Coming Love, Sissikontest, Tom Huber
Korsett Kollektiv - Kackkmusikk, Demegy, Somtek & the gang
Alphacut Records - bass, broken, darkness. Mothership to Alphacute & Alpha Cutauri
Voodoo Rhythm - Records to ruin any party
A Tree in a Field Records - a record label run by two musicians, ideologists and enthusiasts.
Bass Vandalizm - Bass label & collective
Nice Try Records - Jack from Zurich
Lux Rec - Sequenced Dance Music

Radioshows / Livestreams / Podcasts / Media

Honeys Mix - the honeys' choice
Soultmonth Series - Soult's monthly mix series, since 2010
For Robots and Humans - Monthly radioshow by Santstrahl & Styptic on Radio Stadtfilter
Comfortnoise Podcast - Monthly webcast by
Lovestream - Monthy webcast from Longstreet Bar by Luki
Unerhörtes Ungehörtes - bi-weekly radioshow on Radio RaBe w/ LCP & others
Zweikommasieben - Magazine / Interviews / Mixes / Events in Lucerne - Just about the best webradio around
Bassmusik - Bass based blog from Switzerland


DubExMachina - Bass in Zurich
Korsett Kollektiv - Open-minded electronic music in Lucerne
Bass Vandalizm - Bass in Bienne