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The Hulauaauaaaa Device

This project was linked to the release 'Fantasy Is Dubbed' - it ended up in a workshop at Rote Fabrik, Zürich, where 14 people built a dub siren.

The starting point was a collaboration between Zurich's indie mothership label, Quiet Records, and Hula Honeys. Together, we created 8 remixes of Göldin & Bit-Tuner 's LP 'Fantasy Is Fucked'. The reworked tracks were made by a bunch of Zurich based artist, connected by common taste and friendship - the common ground was the bass and the deepness of Dub music. One step further, there was the plan to build a dub siren, which plays an essential role in the Dub culture. And another step further, after buliding several prototypes from scratch, we decided to invite DJs, producers and circuit benders to the "Hulauaauaaa Device Workshop". The workshop took place on a sunday morning at the Rote Fabrik, Zurich - as a result, a small bunch of musical activists took over the soundsystems of the city with the characteristic sound of the siren.

The [qr-026] Fantasy is Dubbed release (2x10" & CD / CD) was also equipped with the schematic diagram of the siren, so everyone is able to grab their soldering gun and start building.

Built into a solid, silkscreened metal box, the siren included a self-etched and specially designed circuit board. 4 controllers, 3 switches and 22 other parts had to find their right place on the board. 2 mono 6,3mm jack outputs and a power input were included. Using the controls it is now possible to adjust the volume, pitch, modulation speed and -depth. It's a basic siren, but there's a whole lot of power right under one's fingertips. With a proper delay, it's endless fun and original dub-rawness.

It goes like this:


Bild014.jpg Bild023.jpg Bild028.jpg Bild029.jpg DSCN2865.JPG

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