3 Yards of Warmth


Very limited edition of 50 copies: 

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A new journey through the Hulaverse begins with Feldermelder’s „Unusual Vacation Music“. The vinyl postcard „3 Yards of Warmth“ is the first release of a series titled „Unusual Vacation Music“, that will spread out over 2015 and carry away music lovers into obsucre worlds of sound.

„Over the years, excessive travels have brought me to most different places on this planet. This series is a kind of memory of moments and places, without focussing on a specific kind. Every song was sketched out and arranged at one of these places. Elements of the songs, even if not necessarily in the foreground, are field recordings from these spots and samples from the countries I wa travelling through. The se-ries has become a selection of songs for those memorable places that are polluted with the wrong music.“


Feldermelder carefully creates a teetering whole out of squeking instruments, happily distorted melodies and clacking beats based on the memories, moods and recordings from around the world. The entry gates to Feldermelder’s wonderfully warm and lively world are passed through driving, bouncing, distorted but still absolutely clear sounds of „3 Yards of Warmth“. Like toys that awake to life at night: Cranking, sluggish, inter-looped ups and downs, layers of enchanting melodies. „3 Yards of Warmth“ pulls the listener deeper and deeper into a heavily breathing green and blue music land. This music haunts the ears and hearts of those who read, write and most of all listen to and enjoy Hula Honeys’ first vinyl postcard.

Unusual Vacation Music: 3 Yards of Warmth was mastered by Adi Flück and will be release on December 19th, 2014 as vinyl postcard and digital download via the Hula Honeys Website and Bandcamp .

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    • hon13, Dec. 19, 2014