FELL and the Incubate Kidsorchestra


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This EP documents a creative journey FELL undertook at Incubate Festival in late 2013 together with the Kidsorchestra. FELL collaborated with the kids in several workshops. The Kidsorchestra was a temporary band.

Starting out from scratch, they used any sounding material they could find, such as personal belongings, found objects and trash to build simple instruments. Using these, the Kidsorchestra produced rhythmic patterns and sounds, developed a tonal dramaturgy and a performance, found a rhythm, listened (to each other), danced, spoke rhythmically and used technology to discover their unique worlds of sound. The elements found on this EP were designed, tried out and modified collaboratively.

FELL recorded the sound figures and created four pieces of music out of the material by adding beats and melodies to the recordings of the Kidsorchestra and winding the recorded patterns, frazzled voices and athmospheric glimpses through a digital microcosm and the guts of selfmade electronics.

    • Released on Hula Honeys
    • hon15, July 24, 2014